ahr • kuh • mee • dee • uhs

(n.) Marcus Freeman; a geek; a creator; one for which game over is not an option

For starters, I'm not related to Morgan Freeman. Though born at the tail end of the 80's, I consider myself an 80's child. I'm always looking for a chance to make use of the creative side of my brain. I may be an astrophysicist by training, but I'm an artist at heart.

Design Skills

I've put a few experience points into this skill tree.

JavaScript & jQuery

Video Skills

Some people call me a video cowboy. Actually no. No one would ever do that.

After Effects

Other interests: astrophysics, mythology, drawing, film, video games, music, and pretty much anything that has to do with Star Wars, science fiction, or the Marvel universe

Works of Arc

The Doctor is In
Terraform Mars
Ski Pluto
Blind Justice
Pika Power Co.
S. Rogers
What's a raccoon?
Back to the Future
Queen of Blocks
The Effect (Reaped)
Dead Space
Nintelligent Design
Ocarina (Legends)

Want more? Look no further than my DeviantArt gallery

Stop! Collaborate and Listen

Do you think we could make biodigital jazz together? Let me know!

Marcus as Ray Charles

Feel free to shoot me an email about potential projects, general questions, commissions, work, or just to discuss your opinion about the latest Star Wars film (please give appropriate spoiler warnings).

You can reach me at marcus@archymedi.us. Otherwise you can find me around the Internet (see below).